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The Mattress Mystery Revealed

There are many aspects that must be taken into account when choosing the mattress. And, although it may surprise you, the most important thing is before the mirror: it is you or the person who will use it. Issues such as measurement or firmness depend exclusively on who is going to rest on the chosen mattress.

And is that rest is the most important because it depends on our mood and, ultimately, how we will face the rest of the day. Even dietitians recommend sleeping well. So, stay tuned to our tips to choose a good mattress that guarantees a few hours of sufficient restful sleep.

How to choose a good mattress

A good mattress is one that adapts to you and your circumstances, both in size and firmness. You must also respect your preferences in regard to body temperature. So, before choosing a mattress, you should know what you are going to demand.

Choose a mattress of the right size

As for the width of the mattress, sleeping alone is not the same as in a couple. A person who sleeps alone can have enough with a mattress of 90 or 105 cm wide, while a couple should look for it from 135 cm.

The length of the mattress must exceed at least 15 cm the height of the highest member of the couple. Otherwise the comfort, and therefore the rest, will be compromised. During the night we move, and not only to the sides. Dreams, even those we do not remember, make us go down and climb the mattress. It may surprise you to know that even people who say they do not move at night also do it.

How to choose the firmness of the mattress

The weight of the person or persons who will use the mattress is also important and determines the firmness.

Let's make a small point here: the firmness and hardness of the mattress are not the same . When we speak of firmness, we refer to the stability that the mattress provides to the body. There are soft mattresses perfectly firm.

With this in mind, we must know that from 100 kilos of weight, it is better to choose an extra firm mattress. This is true for most people who sleep in pairs, of course. Between 70 and 100 kilos the mattress should be firm and weighing less than 70 kilos would be enough with a mattress of medium firmness. In any case, we understand that the firmness is correct when it respects the shape of the spine.

How to choose a suitable mattress

It is a suitable mattress that allows you to rest. Of course, choosing a mattress of the recommended length, width and firmness helps a lot when it comes to guaranteeing a proper rest. But you also have to take into account the body temperature of each one when choosing a mattress.

Body temperature

Whether we are more or less hot will determine the type of material we should choose for our mattress.

Spring mattresses: they are best for people who tend to spend heat in bed, as they are those that allow greater ventilation. Nowadays the firmness of this type of mattress is no longer compromised. Moreover, the latest models, recently released to the market, are manufactured with a combination of titanium and copper that ensures a total adaptability to the body with maximum durability.

Viscoelastic Mattresses: Viscoelastic, by general, is a warmer and less breathable material. Therefore, we work with high quality viscoelastic with a high porosity and high density, avoiding having to need more centimeters to get a perfect reception. This allows a better transpiration and thermoregulation. In addition, you can apply technologies to improve rest as is the Outlast or the Breath Air. Get all the details about this mattress at best mattress 2019.

Latex is perhaps one of the materials that transpires less and can produce more heat. It is one of the least requested models today because it has the same adaptability as foam but with less perspiration at the same price.