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Characteristics and Partsof a mattress

Characteristics of a good mattress

Once we have seen the main reasons, we can determine that the best-recommended mattress for children should have the following characteristics:

  • It must have a firm structure and be flexible enough so that it can adapt to your body and distribute body weight evenly.
  • That is made with breathable materials and with a correct ventilation system so that the child's body temperature is adequate while they sleep.
  • It is very important that hypoallergenic and anti-mite treatments have been applied in its manufacture to achieve a fresh, hygienic and natural rest. Also, in this way we protect our children from possible allergic reactions and the mattress will have a barrier for bacteria, mites and will prevent the formation of mold.
  • It is convenient that the mattress has a removable protective cover, since this way it will be easier to clean the stains that may arise in it.
  • The recommended thickness in children's mattresses is between 12 and 18 centimeters, keep in mind that a small child weighs about 20 kilos when he is 6 years old, so it is not necessary to have a mattress as wide as that of an adult.
  1. Parts of a mattress

Before seeing the different classes of infant mattresses that are recommended, it is convenient to know the parts of which a mattress is composed.

Parts of the structure of the best mattress for children


It is the upper part that will be in direct contact with the skin of the child, which is recommended to be composed of breathable materials. Some mattresses have a removable cover, but it is very likely that we find that it is fixed, so we would have to buy a protector for its conservation and protection.


It is the most important part since it determines the firmness and durability of the best mattress for children. When we read that the product is spring, foam, latex or viscoelastic, it is referring only to the section of its core.


The core is always surrounded by a small padding where its main function is to provide comfort when we support our body on it. The best thing is that this padding has been made with breathable textile fiber.


Another determining factor of the best mattress for children is that it has strong sides to prevent protrusion of the core material, that is, to withstand the pressure exerted by the child at bedtime. On these sides, you can find ventilation valves to improve breathability, or handles to better grip the mattress for when we go to turn.

Maintenance recommendations

  • Change the mattress position every certain period of time (for example 3 months) so that the pressure is distributed above all the mattress even if the child always sleeps on the same side of the bed.
  • When our child gets up, it is very advisable to open the bed for a couple of hours so that the mattress is completely ventilated and expel all the heat that has retained.
  • Always use a protective cover, this way you can wash the possible spots that appear.

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